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boAt Immortal Katana Blade Earbuds - Is it worth it?

boAt Immortal Katana Blade Earbuds

Earbuds have become a part of everybody's life, and brands are coming up with new earbuds with some cool and amazing features making it difficult for people to choose the best one for them. Today, in this blog we will review the newly launched premium earbuds by boAt Immortal Katana Blade Earbuds, and see if you should consider this earbuds or not.

Unboxing - Inside the Box

boAt Immortal Katana Blade Earbuds box comes with the following items:

  1. Warranty Card

  2. User Manual

  3. Boat Sticker

  4. Type C cable

  5. Earbuds

Design and Build Quality

What sets these apart this earbuds is the unique design and build quality, which comes with metallic build and glider, and RGB lights. On the top side of the earbuds, you will get the boat branding with the Immortal blade written on it. Also, it comes with a cool feature where you can get your name written on the top side. On the right side of the earbuds, there is a charging port with a button to turn on the RGB lights and the audio.

The earbuds are held tightly inside the case with strong magnets. The earbuds are half-in-ear design earbuds which are lightweight and perfectly fit in the ear. Since it is a half-in-ear design it will catch background noise.

These boAt earbuds come with IPX4 water and sweat-resistant feature which keeps your earbuds safe from water and even while working out. This pair of earbuds can be a great companion for your workouts.


boAt Immortal Katana blade earbuds come with the latest Bluetooth connectivity version 5.3 which provides amazing and long-lasting connectivity so that you can easily enjoy music and play games. It also has the Instant Wake and Pair (IWP) technology which establishes an instant connection with the last paired device when you open the lid.

boAt Immortal Katana Blade Earbuds

Battery Life

The battery life of the earbuds is pretty amazing considering the price range of the earbuds. It comes with 8 to 10 hours of playback time on a single charge and up to 30 hours using the charging case. Also, it has an ASAP charge feature that gives 3 hours of playback time by charging the earbuds for just 10 minutes.

Touch Controls

Boat airdopes come with touch controls that make your life easier starting from playing/pausing music to the next / previous track, accepting/rejecting the call to voice assistant feature, and much more, but it does not come with volume increase / decrease touch control feature, which you have to adjust from the phone itself.

You can understand the complete workings of the touch controls in our YouTube video - here.

Gaming Mode

The Immortal Katana Blade earbuds come with a dedicated gaming mode which comes with a 50 ms low latency gaming experience. We tried the gaming mode with a BGMI game test and the overall gaming experience was pretty decent. The stereo-separation and in-audio experience of the earbuds is amazing and you can easily identify if the enemy is coming from left or right, but there could have been a betterment with the volume part.

boAt Immortal Katana Blade Earbuds

Sound Quality

boAt Immortal Katana Blade earbuds come with 13 mm dynamic drivers with SBC codec support and no AAC codec support. The volume of the earbuds is pretty adequate, and you will not see many sound leakage issues. On increasing the volume above 80%, you can find little sound leakage issues. The vocals and trebles of the earbuds are pretty good but there could have been a betterment with the instrument separation of the earbuds.

The bass of the earbuds is pretty average, you will not find the super thumpy powerful boosted bass. As a bass lover, you might be disappointed with the output of the earbuds.

Call Quality

The boat airdrops come with Dual microphone technology with Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENX) technology. We tried a calling test in both indoor and outdoor conditions, and we can say that the experience indoors is pretty good, but in case of heavy traffic, the earbuds will catch some background noise. 


Sound Quality: 8 / 10

Bass Quality: 7 / 10

Gaming Experience: 8.5 / 10

Calling Experience: 7.5 / 10 


So, in this blog post, we have mentioned all the pros and cons of the newly launched boAt immortal katana blade earbuds. Overall, it is an average earbud mainly focused on the design and build quality of the earbuds, and gaming experience. The sound output and calling experience could have been better in the earbuds.

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boAt Immortal Katana Blade Earbuds

boAt Immortal Katana Blade Earbuds

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