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Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch with 1.43" Super AMOLED Display ⚡⚡ Heavy Testing ⚡⚡

Fire Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, smartwatches have emerged as an essential accessory that seamlessly blends fashion with functionality. The Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch, with its impressive 1.43" Super AMOLED Display, is a new and trending launch in the industry. In this article, we will look into the features of the Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch.

A Visual Delight: 1.43" Super AMOLED Display

Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch comes with a stunning 1.43 inches Super AMOLED Always on Display. AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode technology which is renowned for its ability to deliver vivid colors, deep blacks, and impressive contrast ratios.

Whether you're reading the notifications, tracking your workouts, or simply using the watch, the Super AMOLED Display ensures that the Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch delivers an engaging and aesthetically pleasing experience.

The AMOLED display and 600 nits brightness ensure that you get the perfect brightness even in outdoor conditions. The UI of the smartwatch is pretty smooth and easy to use.

Fire Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch

There are two buttons on the right side of the watch. The upper button is used to access different applications present in the watch, and the lower button is used to turn on and off the smartwatch.

With the IP68 water resistance feature protects your smartwatch from sweat, splashes of water, and rain making it your perfect companion for workouts.

Battery Life

Despite the impressive features, the Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch delivers, it has impressive battery life, ensuring that it stays with you throughout your busy day. On heavy usage like Bluetooth calling, health sensors, and more, one can expect a battery life of 2 to 3 days. In case, of normal usage, the smartwatch can work for 5 to 6 days.

Bluetooth Calling

With the help of this smartwatch you can easily receive or reject calls, even mute / unmute the call, and increase/decrease the volume of the speaker.

The microphone of this smartwatch is pretty decent. The loudness of the voice is pretty good, but there is some background noise, and also the voice might seem to be shrill in between.

Fitness Tracking

The built-in fitness sensors enable accurate tracking of your daily activities. With over 100+ sports modes to choose from, it can be a great companion to your workout. Whether it's steps taken, distance covered, or calories burned, the watch keeps you informed about your progress toward your health goals.

As for the accuracy of the sensors, we tried walking 43 steps, and the smartwatch showed 44 steps. So, we can overall say that the smartwatch is pretty accurate.

Fire Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch

Health Monitoring

The smartwatch goes beyond fitness and offers health monitoring sensor sensors, like like heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring sensors, and blood oxygen level measurement. There might be a slight fluctuation in the reading.

So, we recommend you use proper and prescribed equipment for health monitoring purposes. But for casual purposes, you can use this smartwatch.

Application Overview

Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch comes with Fit Cloud 2 Application support. On the home page of the application, one can find the analytics of the sports modes. Turning on/off the notification, setting alarms, drinking water reminders, customizing the watch faces, etc. all can be customized from the application.


The Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch with its 1.43" Super AMOLED Display and its combination of fitness tracking, health monitoring, and connectivity features make it a versatile companion for modern individuals who are always on the go.

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Fire Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch

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