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LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid : The Most Advanced Hearing Aid on the Market ?

LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid

The LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid helps us fully interact with the world around us, which is necessary for living life to the fullest. An in-depth analysis of the LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid, a cutting-edge technology created to improve auditory experiences and bring back the joys of sound, will be given in this article.

The LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid: Why Pick It?

Sleek and Discreet Design

The days of obtrusive hearing aids are long gone. The earbuds come in an oval premium-looking case, with the upper lid having a chrome glossy finish. In front of the case, you get the branding of Linear with a light indicator, at the bottom you get a type C charging case and a reset button. The plus point of these earbuds is you get wireless charging support.

The case provided here is Anti Bacterial charging case keeping in mind hygiene. Inside the earbuds, you get UV lights that clean your earbuds regularly.

With a sleek and covert design that gently fits behind the ear, the LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid is practically undetectable to passersby. Bid self-consciousness farewell and welcome increased confidence. The earbuds are IPX5 waterproof, making them safe from sweat and water. So, you can enjoy jogging or even in the rain, as the earbuds will be completely safe.

LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid


You get button controls in LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid, about which you can get an overview in their user manual.

You get stem-shaped earbuds with a matte finish. The left earbuds have a tinch of blue, while the right earbuds have a tinch of red.

Noise Cancellation

The Linner Deluxe comes with 18 adjustable bands and 16 WDRC channels. It reduces the background music and provides you with a clear sound experience.


You can connect to any of the smart devices via Bluetooth. With a Linner Connect Transmitter, the TV audio can be transmitted via AUX and then by Bluetooth to hearing aids.

The microphone from Linner Connect can also pick up external sounds and transmit them to the Nova Deluxe through Bluetooth.

With the new features in the Linner HA App connection has become much more easier. Some of the features are:

  1. Tone Control

  2. Mix mode

  3. Audio enhancement

  4. Media EQ

  5. Sound therapy

  6. Customer Service

LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid

Cutting-edge technology

Advanced digital technology powers the LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid, providing unmatched sound quality and noise reduction.

You get 4 different sound modes which you can use as per the condition:

  1. Conversation mode - As the name suggests, it is the best choice for one-to-one conversation.

  2. Restaurant mode - It reduces ambient noise from the background and lays focus on the human voice.

  3. Outdoor mode - It enhances both human and outdoor sounds.

  4. Traffic Mode - Offers noise cancellation, and is to be used when there is heavy traffic.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The LINNER Deluxe Hearing Aid's outstanding battery life allows for continuous hearing improvement for 30 hours on a single charge. You can easily move through your day without worrying thanks to the prolonged usage on a single charge.

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