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Marshall Middleton 60W Portable Speaker - Unboxing and Review of this premium speaker.

Marshall Middleton 60W Portable Speaker

Nowadays, speakers have been an essential part of all households for parties and picnics, and the sound output of a speaker is very vital. With so many options available in the market, today in this blog post we will discuss a premium speaker by Marshall - Middleton 60W Portable Speaker, and see if it is worth the money or not.

Unboxing - Inside the Box

Marshall Middleton 60 W Portable Speaker box comes with the following items:

  1. Carrying strap

  2. User Manual

  3. Type C cable

  4. Speaker

Design and Build Quality

Marshall Speakers come in a premium and tough-built design with metallic grills on the front side with Marshall branding on it. On the back side of the speaker, you will have two ports - One for AUX cable and a second for charging. On the top, you will get various buttons to play / pause, change track, and much more. There is a battery indicator light on the top which indicates the amount of battery remaining on the speaker.

Battery Life

Marshall Middleton Portable Speaker comes with a pretty good battery life of up to 20 hours, which is decent considering the price range of the speaker. The charging time for the speaker is approximately 4 to 4.5 hours.

Marshall Middleton 60W Portable Speaker


This portable speaker comes with two different connectivity options:

  1. AUX

  2. Bluetooth

With the AUX point available on the back side of the speaker, you can connect a 3.5 mm AUX cable to play music. There is no AUX cable provided with the speaker, so you may have to purchase it separately.

With Bluetooth version 5.1, you can connect your speaker without the hassle of wires and enjoy uninterrupted music. And in times of poor connectivity, you can connect the AUX cable.

Application Support

A good part about the speaker is the application support of this speaker. It comes with Marshall Bluetooth Application support where you get multiple features and options. On the top of the application, you get to see the battery percentage of the speaker, below which you get equalizer modes where you can adjust the bass and trebles of the speaker. You can also play / pause, change the track, and increase / decrease the volume of the speaker from the application itself.

A cool feature of the application is the Stack Feature which allows you to connect two Marhsall Middleton Speakers at the same time and enjoy music at parties or get-togethers.

The application support is very minimal and with basic features which could have been improved a bit with additional features.

Marshall Middleton 60W Portable Speaker

Button Controls

Marshall Portable Speaker comes with various buttons to perform various functions with just a click. There is a main button that is used to turn on / off the speaker, besides which is a button to establish a connection with the device. The main button can be used to change the track, increase / decrease the volume, and even play / pause the music. Also, there are two more buttons - one to adjust the bass and the other to adjust the trebles.

You can understand the complete workings of the button controls in our YouTube video - here.

Calling Support

A downpoint of this Marshall speaker is that it does not have a built-in microphone to talk via the speaker. You will have to speak through your phone itself.

Marshall Middleton 60W Portable Speaker

Sound Test

Marshall Portable Speaker comes with a whopping 60 W portable speaker that provides a rich and premium sound experience. The loudness of the speaker is pretty good and it is advisable to avoid listening to music at full volume for a better experience. The crispness, detailings, and instrument-separation in the speaker are superb, vocals and trebles are amazing which gives a rich output and premium sound experience.

As a bass lover, you will love this speaker. It gives a super thumpy bass experience making it a great choice for those planning to host parties and get-togethers. The overall sound output and bass experience have impressed us.


So, in this blog post, we have mentioned all the pros and cons of the Marshall Middleton 60W Portable Speaker. We can conclude that if you are looking for a premium speaker with good built quality and do not want to compromise with the output, and above all you have a budget of 30,000/- then you can definitely consider this speaker.

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Marshall Middleton 60W Portable Speaker

Marshall Middleton 60W Portable Speaker


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