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Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds with Quad Mic Setup & 40MS Low Latency Gaming ⚡⚡ Complete Testing đŸ”„đŸ”„

Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds

Nowadays when so many earbuds are being launched by brands, choosing a good earbud as a new gamer in budget becomes too difficult. With the Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds – a cutting-edge gaming accessory designed to elevate your gaming experience. In this blog, we will discuss the features that set the Noise Buds VS106 apart, including its quad mic setup and 40MS low latency gaming capabilities.


With a matte finish and good quality, you get a decent case for Noise Buds Vs 106 which comes with noise branding on the front, and type C port on the bottom. There is no button provided in the case, through which you can reset your buds.

The buds are stem shaped and bigger than usual earbuds, with a matte finish. With proper earcups, they provided a secured and tight fit making it a good companion for your workouts.

Mr LazyTech Recommendation - We recommend this earbud for people with medium or big-sized ears for a better fit. On putting the earbuds, nearly 85% of the background noise is canceled.

Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds

Battery Life and Connectivity

The Noise Buds VS106 buds come with an impressive battery life, ensuring gamers and music lovers stay immersed in their virtual worlds without interruptions. On a single playtime, you can get nearly 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted music, whereas with the case you can get up to 50 hours. The Fast charging feature adds on it features, where you can enjoy music for 200 minutes by charging it just for 10 minutes.

As for the connectivity, these noise buds come with Bluetooth v5.3 ensuring superb connectivity. With Hypersync Instant Wake and Pair Technology, you can easily connect to your earbuds by opening the lid, if you have previously connected your earbuds to it.

Touch Controls

From increasing/decreasing the volume to answering/rejecting the call, Noise Buds Vs 106 come with full touch controls. For understanding the exact working of the touch controls check our video here.

40MS Low Latency Gaming

Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds come with an impressive 40MS Low Latency feature. We tried playing BGMI on our mobile and we are satisfied with the overall gaming experience of this noise earbuds. The 40 MS latency is justified as you get good loudness and in-audio separation which makes it easier for you to identify if the enemy is coming from left or right.

Mr. LazyTech Pro Tip - We recommend you turn on the SBC codec for a better gaming experience. We tried SBC and AAC both, on multiple earbuds, and SBC mode enhances the entire gaming experience.

Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds

Sound Quality

Noise Buds Vs 106 come with 10 mm dynamic drivers with SBC / AAC codec support. The trebles and vocals of these earbuds are pretty good, but the instrument separation part could have been improved. The loudness feels of earbuds with 13 mm drivers, and we recommend avoiding listening at full volume.

When you hear music above 60-70% volume, you might find noise leakage, and the person nearby can tell which song you are listening to.

You get two different modes:

  1. Normal Mode

  2. Bass Mode

Honestly, there is a very minute difference in both modes. If you are a bass lover, you will hardly find any difference, and you will feel that the bass could definitely have been improved. You will get the punchy bass, but the powerful boosted bass could have been improved.

Quad Mic Setup

Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds deliver an amazing calling experience with the Quad Mic Setup, two microphones on each earbud. Under both indoor and outdoor conditions, you get a clear and loud-calling experience.


Sound Quality - 8/10

Bass Quality - 7.5/10

Call Quality - 8/10

Gaming Experience - 9.5/10


The Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds are a great choice for gamers seeking an amazing gaming experience under budget. With its quad mic setup, 40MS low latency gaming capabilities, and decent audio quality, these earbuds redefine what it means to game with precision and style. Say goodbye to communication glitches and audio delays – the Noise Buds VS106 Earbud is here to transform your gaming experience.

Watch complete review here in our YouTube channel - Mr LazyTech.

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Noise Buds VS106 Earbuds

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