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Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch with 2" HD Display & Functional Crown ⚡⚡ Complete Testing ⚡⚡

Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch

With its stunning 2" HD display and a functional crown, the Noise ColorFit Impact smartwatch is designed to elevate the wearables industry while empowering you with a range of features that cater to your fitness, communication, and lifestyle needs.

Sleek Design Meets Functional Brilliance

At first look, the Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch gives a sleek, modern, and premium look. It is made of good quality strap, and metal body making it durable. The 2 inches TFT HD display gives vibrant colors and sharp clarity for a seamless experience.

The 500 nits brightness ensures good visibility and readability even in outdoor conditions.

The User Interface of the smartwatch is pretty smooth and you can easily navigate between the applications. There is a multi-functional crown available on the right side of the watch. The crown is used to change the watch faces, and also scroll between the menu. The Raise to Awake feature works pretty smoothly.

It comes with an IP67 water resistance feature which ensures your smartwatch is safe from rain, sweat, and splashes of water making it a good companion for your workouts.

Health Modes

The smartwatch is equipped with an array of health monitoring sensors that monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. With the Noise Health Application, you can access different health modes like Heart rate, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen level, and much more.

The reading of the sensors is pretty accurate as what we found with the medical equipment. There is also a stress measuring feature, which you can casually use to monitor your stress.

Mr LazyTech Recommendation - We recommend using medically prescribed equipment for monitoring blood oxygen levels, heart rates, and other exact readings.

Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch

Comprehensive Fitness Tracking

Noise Impact Smartwatch acts as your personal fitness companion, that motivates you to achieve your health goals. Whether you're into running, cycling, yoga, or any other physical activity, the smartwatch provides dedicated sports modes that tailor its tracking capabilities to suit your chosen exercise. With over 100+ different sports modes available, you can customize them on your smartwatch from the application.

To check the accuracy of the smartwatch we walked for nearly 60 steps, and the smartwatch showed 59 steps. So, if you wear the smartwatch tightly on your wrist, you can expect accurate results.

Calling Quality

The in-built microphone and speaker work pretty well in this noise smartwatch. You can answer/reject the call, mute/unmute, increase/decrease the volume of the speaker, cut the call, and even switch if you want to talk via phone or smartwatch.

Application Overview

This noise smartwatch supports the NoiseFit Focus application. On the front page, you get complete analytics of the different sports modes and health sensors. In the device section, you can set notifications, alarms, drink water reminders, and much more.

Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch

Other Features

  1. Smart Notifications: Stay connected without constantly reaching for your phone. The smartwatch delivers notifications from your smartphone right to your wrist, allowing you to stay informed about calls, texts, emails, and app alerts.

  2. Music Control: Control your music playback directly from your wrist, making it easier to switch tracks or adjust the volume while you're on the move or engaged in a workout.

Personalization and Long Battery Life

Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch allows you to choose from a variety of watch faces to suit your mood and style. You can also customize the watch face with personalized photos.

The watch has an impressive battery life, ensuring that it can keep up with your busy schedule without needing frequent charging. If you do heavy usage like different sports modes, Bluetooth calling, and much more you can get a battery life of about 2 days, and in the case of normal usage the battery life can go to 6 to 7 days.

Final Thoughts

The Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch comes with a 2" HD display and functional crown, which redefines what a budget smartwatch should be. With its fusion of style, look and functionality, this smartwatch makes a compelling case for being an essential accessory in the modern tech-savvy world. So, if you're looking to stay connected, motivated, and stylish, the Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch might just be the perfect addition to your wristwear collection.

Watch complete review here in our YouTube channel - Mr LazyTech.

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Noise ColorFit Impact Smartwatch


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