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Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch - Best Smartwatch under 3000?

Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch

Smartwatch has now become a trend because of a vast range of features it comes with in a budget price. Today in this blog we are reviewing the newly launched Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch and see if it is the best smartwatch under 3000 or not.

Inside the Box

The Noise Colorfit Ore Smartwatch box comes with the following items:

  1. Warranty Card

  2. User Manual

  3. Charging Cable

  4. Noise Stickers

  5. Tool Kit

  6. Smartwatch

Design and Build Quality

Noise Colorfit Ore Smartwatch comes with a 20 mm strap with a tough metallic body which enhances the quality of the watch and gives it a premium look. On the bottom of the smartwatch, you will get the sensors, on one side you get access to a built-in speaker and microphone, and on the other side, you get a multi-functional crown. It comes with two different strap variants:

  1. Metallic

  2. Leather

  3. Silicon

It comes with a 2.1-inch Amoled Always on display (AOD) with 600 nits of brightness and fewer bezzles. The brightness in both indoor and outdoor conditions is pretty decent. The multi-functional crown can be used to change the multiple watch faces pre-installed in the watch, and even scroll the menu and get access to different built-in sports modes.

The user interface of the smartwatch is pretty smooth and you can easily switch between apps without any lag. Also, the raise-to-wake feature of the watch works pretty well, and you can easily turn it on or off from the smartwatch itself.

It comes with IP68 Water Certification making it a great choice for gym freaks and working out.

Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch

Sports Mode

Are you a fitness freak or someone who loves working out, then you can consider this Noise smartwatch. It comes with over 100 sports modes including Running, swimming, cricket, football, and much more, to cater to all the sports. We did a test to see the accuracy of the smartwatch by wearing it and walking for 47 steps, and the smartwatch also displayed 46 steps. So, overall we can conclude that if you wear the watch tightly on your hands you can expect close readings.

Health Sensors

Noise Ore Smartwatch comes with multiple health sensors like a Heart Monitoring Sensor, Blood Oxygen measurement, Sleep measurement, Stress monitoring sensor, and much more. The readings of the sensors are pretty accurate as compared to the medically prescribed equipment, so you can consider the readings of this.

Mr LazyTech Recommendation - We recommend using medically prescribed equipment for monitoring blood oxygen levels, heart rates, and other exact readings.

Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch

Sleep Activity

The sleep monitoring feature of the smartwatch is pretty amazing as it comes with a lot of measurements. You can see the total hours of your sleep which includes hours you were awake, light sleep, and deep sleep.

Bluetooth Calling

Noise Colorfit Ore Smartwatch comes with a built-in speaker and microphone which provides an amazing calling experience. We did a calling test from the smartwatch and can conclude that the clarity of the microphone is pretty good, but the loudness of the speaker can be loud. You can accept / reject calls, increase / decrease volume, mute / unmute, and many more options from the smartwatch itself. A good feature that you get with this smartwatch is that you can quickly reply to calls directly from your watch, making it a good calling smartwatch under 3000.

Music Control

The Noise Smartwatch comes with a Music Control feature which allows you to control the music starting from the next / previous track, to increasing / decreasing the volume and playing/pausing. But you cannot play music from the built-in speaker available in the smartwatch.

Battery Life

The battery life of the smartwatch has impressed us. It comes with around 6 to 7 days of battery life on adequate usage, and up to 2 days easily on heavy usage like regular Bluetooth calling, Always on Display, etc.

Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch

Application Support

Noise Ore Smartwatch comes with NoiseFit Application support which comes with a lot of features. On the home page of the application, you can track the sensors and sports activity. The best part about the application is the sleep activity section which shows your sleep activity using graphs and even gives you tips on how to sleep better.

In the My Device section, you can see the battery percentage of the smartwatch, and change the watch faces from tons of AI-based, cloud-based watch faces with the option to choose one from your gallery as well. Some of the other features of the application are:

  1. Camera Shutter

  2. Regularly update the watch

  3. My contacts - Add up to 10 contacts

  4. Find my device.

  5. Add stocks and much more.


So, in this blog post, we have mentioned all the pros and cons of this latest Noise smartwatch. Overall, we can say it is a good smartwatch under 3000 with amazing sensor quality accuracy and battery life. Though a few features could have been added we feel if you are looking for a smartwatch under 3000 then you can definitely consider this one.


Watch the complete review here on our YouTube channel - Mr. LazyTech.

Get the best price for the Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch.

Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch

Noise Colorfit Ore smartwatch


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