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Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch Unboxing and Review - Is it really worth it?

Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch

In today's fast world, a smartwatch has become a necessity for everyone whether you are a fitness freak, a professional, or a student. But with so many options it becomes difficult to choose the best smartwatch that meets our needs, so in this blog post, we will review the Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch and see if you should consider this or not.

Inside the Box

The NoiseFit Evolve 4 Smartwatch box comes with the following items:

  1. Warranty Card

  2. User Manual

  3. Charging Cable

  4. Noise Stickers

  5. Tool Kit - with metallic strap variant

  6. Smartwatch

Design and Build Quality

This Noise Smartwatch comes with two different variants - Silicon and Metallic Strap which you can choose as per your comfort. On the back side of the watch, you will get the charging port, sensors, built-in speaker, and microphone. There are two functional crowns on the right side of the watch- the top crown is used to navigate the menu, and the bottom crown is used to access the sports mode in the smartwatch.

On the front side, you will get 1.46 inches Amoled Always on display with 600 nits brightness. The brightness of the smartwatch in both indoor and outdoor conditions is pretty good.

The User Interface of the smartwatch is pretty smooth to use and you can easily navigate between the apps.

With the IP68 water resistant feature you can easily wear this smartwatch while doing heavy activities without the fear of damaging your smartwatch by rain or sweat.

Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch

Sports Mode

Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch has over 100+ sports modes which is a great companion for your workout. Whether you are into running, cycling, swimming, or any other sports, all the sports that you can think of are here in the smartwatch.

Now talking about the accuracy of the sensors which is important, we tightly wore the smartwatch and walked for around 44 steps, and the smartwatch showed 43 steps. So, overall if you wear the smartwatch tightly in your hands, you will get accurate readings. If you are a fitness freak you can consider this smartwatch.

Health Sensors

Noise smartwatch comes with a Noise Health feature that is equipped with several health monitoring sensors that you can use to monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, blood oxygen level, and more. The readings of the smartwatch were pretty accurate and showed close readings of the medical equipment. It also comes with a Psychological stress reader, mood reader, and much more which you can use for casual purposes.

With the Rapid Health feature, the smartwatch will calculate all the readings - heart rate, blood oxygen, and others in just 100 seconds. So, you will not have to open different sensors and measure again and again.

Mr LazyTech Recommendation - We recommend using medically prescribed equipment for monitoring blood oxygen levels, heart rates, and other exact readings.

Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch

Calling Test

Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch comes with features like a Dial Pad, Call History, and a quick reply option. Using the smartwatch you can accept, reject, and even silence the call. We tried a calling test with this smartwatch and we were pretty impressed with the quality of the microphone and speaker of the smartwatch. The microphone was pretty clear and the speaker was also adequately loud. You will have a good calling experience in normal outdoor conditions.

One of the features that is not found in most other smartwatches is the SOS Call feature. Using the application you can set a particular contact for SOS, and by clicking the top crown five times it will call that person.

Battery Life

Noise Evolve Smartwatch comes with a pretty decent battery life of 5 to 7 days on normal usage. In case of heavy usage like frequent Bluetooth calling, sports mode, and high brightness then you can expect a battery life of around 2 days. Overall, the battery life is pretty good keeping in mind the price point and features of this Noise smartwatch.

Application Overview

Noise Smartwatch comes with Noise Fit application support. On the front page, you can see all the readings of sports mode, health sensors, and more. In my device section, you can see the battery percentage indicator, edit the watch faces of the smartwatch with the built-in watch faces, and even customize it.

You can understand the complete workings of the Application in our YouTube video - here.


So, in this blog post, we have mentioned all the features of the Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch along with its pros and cons. Overall, the premium build quality, call quality, and features like SOS, Quick reply, etc make it a good choice if you are looking for a new smartwatch. We felt that some features like voice assistant and built-in games could have been added.

Watch complete review here in our YouTube channel - Mr LazyTech.

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Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch

Noise Evolve 4 Smartwatch

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Pls tell noise fit evolve 4 or halo elite as price are same


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Pls tell if aod faces be downloaded as it has only 2

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