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Truke Clarity FIVE Earbuds - a must have Lifestyle earbuds or just a look alike?

Truke Clarity FIVE Earbuds

Today where wireless earbuds are becoming an essential part of our daily lives, truke is an emerging brand. The Truke Clarity FIVE Earbuds is a new lifestyle TWS with some amazing features like the 6 Mic Setup and Dual Device Pairing capability. In this blog, we will discuss the features of this features of earbuds and find out if you should consider this earbud or not.

Unboxing - Inside the Box

Truke Clarity Fve Earbuds box comes with the following items:

  1. Warranty Card

  2. User Manual

  3. Type C cable

  4. Extra earcups

  5. Earbuds

Design and Comfort

Truke Clarity Five Earbuds come in a compact matte and glossy finished case, with truke branding on the front, a light indicator, and a charging port at the bottom. There is no button provided in the earbuds to reset it.

The earbuds are small stem-shaped with matte and glossy design, and chrome finish. On using proper earcups these earbuds provide a secure fit even during active movements, making it a good companion of yours during workouts.

Gaming Experience

The overall gaming experience of these Truke earbuds is pretty average keeping in mind it is a lifestyle earbuds with a focus on music and calling experience. It comes with a low latency of 35 ms and has an in-built gaming mode, which means there is no dedicated gaming mode.

After taking a test of BGMI, we felt the latency to be a bit high about nearly 50 ms. But overall, the loudness is good and you can consider this for casual gaming.

Mr. LazyTech Pro Tip - We recommend you turn on the SBC codec for a better gaming experience. We tried SBC and AAC both, on multiple earbuds, and SBC mode enhances the entire gaming experience.

Truke Clarity FIVE Earbuds

Crystal Clear Communication

The Truke Clarity FIVE Earbuds is known for its call experience which has been made possible by the 6 MEMS Mic Setup. In indoor and outdoor conditions, you get an amazing call experience, but if you are driving you might find some wind noise coming in, but this earbud cuts off most of the background noise.


The Truke Clarity FIVE Earbuds come with Bluetooth version 5.3 which provides excellent connectivity. A good feature that these earbuds come with is the Dual Device Pairing feature, using which you can connect to two devices at the same time.

Immersive Sound Quality

With their 13 mm dynamic drivers and SBC / AAC codec support, these earbuds deliver a rich and immersive sound experience. There is no such sound leakage, but if you listen to music at above 80% volume then you might see some sound leakage.

There are three different equalizer modes:

  1. Movie Mode

  2. Bass boosted Mode

  3. Dynamic Mode

In movie mode the vocals, treble. instrument separation and the bass is adjusted to provide a pretty good sound output. While in Dynamic mode, the bass is reduced emphasizing vocals and trebles. In bass-boosted mode, the focus is on bass, and you might find some clarity issues.

Mr LazyTech Recommendation: We recommend you use the Movie mode for a better music experience.

Truke Clarity FIVE Earbuds

Extended Battery Life

Looking for earbuds with impressive battery life? Then, Truke Clarity five earbuds will not disappoint you. Long-lasting battery life is important as it provides uninterrupted music and gaming experience. With a battery life of 8 to 10 hours on a single charge, you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted music playback. With the charging case, you can expect a playback time of a whopping 80 hours. The Fast charging feature is also pretty impressive, the company claims to give 10 hours of playback time, on charging for 10 minutes.

Smart Touch Controls

You can easily navigate through your playlist and manage calls with the full touch controls available on the Truke Clarity five earbuds. Adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer calls, and activate voice assistants with simple gestures. Full touch controls enhance the overall user experience and add a touch of convenience to your daily routine. You can check the complete overview of the touch controls here.


Sound Quality - 8 / 10

Call Quality - 9 / 10

Bass Quality - 8 / 10


With their 6 Mic Setup ensuring crystal-clear communication and Dual Device Pairing for seamless connectivity, these earbuds are a must-have for those seeking convenience and excellence in one package.

Watch complete review here in our YouTube channel - Mr LazyTech.

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Truke Clarity FIVE Earbuds

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